Fountain of Youth was a

Participatory light art performance

that I created with artists

Annabel Kajetski


Laura Dahlberg

Fountain of youth

Welcome to The Fountain Of Youth.

With our treatments your corporeal body will synchronise itself with the celestial hum of the universe.

You’ll achieve an ascension to ultimate level of rejuvenation, and wellbeing. Enter, the era of immortality. Enter, to divinity!

In our state of the art treatment facility you can undergo three different treatments.

1. With blue light your neural and epidermal exfoliation will be achieved with the highest of standards.

2. Green light will achieve prevention of migraines and your mental fortitude will expand in multiple levels of existence.

3. Red light will accelerate your mitochondria and start a regenerative processes throughout your body.

Please adhere to these safety guidelines.

Due to our treatments powerful nature your visit will be limited to 7 minutes. Sirens will notify you when you risk altering your genetic signature beyond repair. After the alarm please leave the treatment facility in an orderly fashion or you'll be assimilated.

You will participate at your own risk.

We wish you a relaxing experience and thank you for choosing The Fountain of Youth.