In my life I have travelled around the sun all together 35 times. Through most of that time I've been holding a camera. I caught of better grip of it when attending the Pekka Halonen Art Academy and graduated from there in 2017 with a Vocational Qualification in photography. After graduating I felt the need to find out how far I can really go with my camera, so I applied and got selected in to the Art University of Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts in the department of time and space related arts. The great unknown before me I ventured forth.

As a person I'm warm and kind and never too afraid to try new things. I LOVE science fiction, i'm fascinated by new scientific discoveries an technology but at the same time I long for the days when photography was more to do with chemistry and carriages pulled with horses from one village to another. Nature is very dear to me an you might even see that from my photos. I've gone through nature and wilderness guiding school, so I can take you to a small adventure to the nearest park or in the depths of the Finnish forests. Send me a message and let's go already!


Will we meet before the Wedding?

All the wedding packages include a meeting before the big date. We can go through the program of the day and all the questions you might have about the photography side of things.
We can also do a Skype call or speak on the phone if it better suits your schedule. This is also a good chance to visit the venue together or the place we'll be taking your wedding portraits.

How soon I'll get my photos?

Regular delivery time for wedding photos is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the ongoing season. With portrait, couple and family sessions it is generally 1-2 weeks. If you need a quicker delivery just say so in advance and we'll try to make it possible.

How do you pick and edit the photos?

I'll do the selections for you and create a compilation of the best moments to be downloaded via the gallery. My style of photography tends to create a big variety of photos so I'll pick usually more than less for you to enjoy and find your own favourites.
All the photos will be edited and checked one by one to get the best possible results. With the editing I also listen to your wishes if there is something specific you are after.

What about the copyrigts?

You can use the photos for private use as you see fit. You can share them with your friends and family, in social media, create prints , etc.
I'll reserve to possibility to use the photos in my portfolio, website or otherwise presenting my work in different medias or competitions.

If you need the licence for commercial purposes for you or third parties just ask when making the reservation.

How will the photos be delivered?

The photos will be delivered as downloadable digital jpg-files throug a password protected web gallery.
Photos will be available to be downloads in print and web resolution.

How can I make a reservation?

Contact we with e-mail or with my contact form and we'll start from there.
When making a reservation for your wedding date please tell me your names, the date of your wedding, the package you are interested and where your wedding is going to be held. After this I'll send you contract to sign and an invoice to pay the reservation fee (200€) that will be reduced from the final invoice that is delivered with the finalised gallery. With the reservation fee you'll reserve a certain date for yourselves that I will not offer to anyone after that. If for some reason you cancel my services before the date the reservation fee will not be refunded.

With portrait, couple and family sessions the reservation is done via e-mail or the contact form. Payment is also done before the session for you to reserve your preferred time and date. I'll send an invoice and a contract for you to inspect before the session.

How can I pay?

You can pay with an invoice that is delivered with e-mail.

What if the camera breaks during the shoot?

Don't worry! I'll have spares of everything with me and I usually photograph weddings with two cameras to begin with so if something happens the show still goes on.
Preparation is the key to success also in this case.

What about traveling? How does the photographer get to the venue?

I prefer to use public transportation if possible, but I also have a car option available for longer journeys and hard to reach places.

I'm also open for weddings abroad, elopements or photography oriented camping adventures. Just ask for it and we'll make it work!